Wi-Fi User Service Diagnostics

The Wi-Fi User Service Diagnostics Platform provides full visibility of your entire network and the quality of the Wi-Fi service being delivered to your customers.  Because our software is 802.11 compliant we are vendor agnostic and can integrate seamlessly with any Wi-Fi network.

A single intuitive Dashboard delivers network level management across vendors, geographies and segments, while also providing the ability to instantly drill-down into your Wi-Fi network at the most granular level.

Your network managers now have continuous awareness of problem areas within your network.  Outage Alarms provide effective visibility of any downtime on the network.

Our solution is always on and always recording your Wi-Fi performance and behavior. What is the benefit of enabling diagnostics after an issue occurs?  With OptiWi-fi, for the first time you can rewind and replay, with full visibility, a specific event or outage on your network.

We support both Cloud and On-Premises deployments.  With both type of deployments we also provide APIs to integrate the flow of metrics into your Network Operations Centre.

Selected Partners

We are dedicated to delivering unique optimization solutions for Wi-Fi networks, we work very closely with our partners to deliver this.