Beyond The Edge Analytics

Invisium's Edge Analytics are computed at the edge of the network.

This is highly efficient because it means data is pre-processed at the edge, and only summarized and normalized telemetry is sent back to the Cloud Engine.

  1. Invisium assesses the bandwidth or Airtime estimating bandwidth lost
  2. Connectivity Intelligence is gathered to understand user churn on the network which providers don't see with existing OEM solutions
  3. Invisium's Bandwidth Economy assess available bandwidth in the evnrionment crtitcally ensuring efficient use of what's available to your users
  4. Invisium applies its intelligence usefully in the latest Wi-Fi 6 environment making it operate at above average performence for service providers and their users

Customers & Selected Partners

We are dedicated to delivering unique optimization solutions for Wi-Fi networks, we work very closely with our customers & partners to deliver this.