Business & Network Intelligence

OptiWi-fi Business & Network Intelligence uses big data analytics gathered on your Wi-Fi network and the entire Wi-Fi spectrum. They provide your organization with the ability to make informed decisions and derive valuable technical and commercial insights.


Knowing the status of your hotspots in real-time is of great value to maintaining good user experience. On top of this, knowing how your hotspots are performing over time will give you an invaluable troubleshooting tool and an ability to monitor your infrastructure.

OptiWi-fi provides real-time and historical ranking of your Hotspots using our unique performance metric; the Wi-Fi score. The Wi-Fi score is a fast and accurate way for network managers to assess the overall performance of the Wi-Fi, without having to drill-down into a large number of individual metrics.

Scoring data allows you to quickly identify any downtime or degradation of the customer experience. When more detail is needed the Hotspot Ranking provides a breakdown of the scoring components to quickly identify the source of the issue.

With Hotspot Ranking your team can focus on problematic locations ensuring a consistent user experience across sites.


​Mobile Offload from cellular to Wi-Fi only delivers benefits if you are sure of the quality users will get when offloaded to Wi-Fi. 
OptiWi-fi provides an automatic Data Offload Indicator available through APIs:

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