Invisium Scans, Analyses, Remedies problems common on Wi-Fi networks

The Invisium platform comes from 25 years of research and innovation into poor Wi-Fi.  Our products make Wi-Fi better for everyone.  We help Service Providers manage user experience with the world's first cellular-like W-Fi management platform.  We help Device manufacturers improve connected device experience.

Passively scans all Wi-Fi channels eliminating any impact to normal operation.  Collects diagnostics for all Wi-Fi networks and clients in range impacting performance - which must be detected to fully gain an accurate view of the Wi-Fi environment.  Invisium algorithm models the entire Wi-Fi Airspace in real-time, the airspace changes constantly, Invisium sees this enabling better decisions to deliver best quality Wi-Fi.  Diagnostics are posted to Invisium Engine, the algorithm analyses all Access Points providing network-wide models, quality scoring, and predictive analytics for remote management of the entire network.  Footfall analytics and overall performance trends by Invisium are formed creating more accurate intelligence as it uniquely sees all Wi-Fi capable devices in the Airspace.

Closed loop actionable intelligence is provided by issue identification, fix reporting, re-scan, improvement verification delivering verifiable quality improvements

IoT - Internet of Things

Already billions of devices need to connect effortlessly to the cloud.  A properly managed Wi-Fi environment is a must.  We enable providers and manufacturers to enhance Wi-Fi networks and Devices to perform seamlessly as device connections skyrocket.


OptiWi-fi’s platform integrates with all “Wi-Fi Certified” OEM equipment on your network enabling user Quality of Service management in real-time across your entire Wi-Fi network for the first time.

Customers & Selected Partners

We are dedicated to delivering unique optimization solutions for Wi-Fi networks, we work very closely with our customers & partners to deliver this.