20 Feb 2014 - OptiWi-fi signs deal with O2 Wifi for UK & Ireland entire network deployment


20 February 2014
Dublin, Ireland. 20 February 2014

Selected UK and Ireland hotspots due to get even hotter

OptiWi-fi signs deal with O2 Wifi to deploy industry-first Wi-Fi network bandwidth optimization across their UK & Ireland network. This will revolutionize user experience by significantly improving Wi-Fi quality at congested hotspots.

From 2014 UK and Ireland Wi-Fi users will be able to enjoy faster and more reliable Wi-Fi even at the busiest O2 Wifi and Bitbuzz hotspots, thanks to OptiWi-fi unique congestion optimization platform, deployed on the Wi-Fi Operators’ networks.

The demand for anywhere/ anytime reliable connectivity from any device is rapidly increasing. Consumption of bandwidth hungry applications and the number of devices per capita are also increasing. In addition to this, Mobile Network Operators are resorting to offloading their excess data traffic to Wi-Fi in order to ease the strain on their limited capacity mobile networks.

Wi-Fi Network Operators are therefore increasingly faced with the challenges of congestion in hotspots. If not addressed congestion problems result in declining quality of user experience, this varies from poor/ dropped connections and slow downloads to total inability to connect.

OptiWi-fi’s patent-protected congestion optimization platform provides Wi-Fi Operators’ with full visibility of bandwidth performance; it delivers autonomous, dynamic and real-time optimization of their network. This enables Wi-Fi Operators to identify and remedy issues on their network at congested hotspots, before they impact user experience.

As part of their constant effort to maintain a world class, quality Wi-Fi user experience, O2 Wifi investigated how OptiWi-fi’s innovative technology could help them solve the problem of increasing congestion at busy hotspots, without needing to resort to additional heavy capital expenditure.

Bitbuzz, Ireland’s leading independent Wi-Fi network, has evaluated the technology from the early development stages.


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OptiWi-fi is exhibiting at Mobile World Congress from the 24 to the 27 of February 2014 - Barcelona - Irish Pavilion – Enterprise Ireland - Hall 7F70

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