About OptiWi-fi

Founded in 2012 by Mark Burke, CEO, and Co-founder Prof. Mark Davis, Chief Innovation Officer and a Wi-Fi patent inventor holding a Ph.D., M.Eng.Sc. and B.E. Electrical Engineering.  For the past 14 years’ Prof. Davis has managed Ireland’s award winning “Communications Network Research Institute” (CNRI), which conducts research to solve chronic issues with quality of service (QoS) provisioning on wireless networks, based at Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.  The team also includes Camille Voisin, CTO & Co-founder, who has 13 years of professional I.T. management experience and holds a M.Sc.Telecoms Engineering.

OptiWi-fi is a dynamic, young, Irish software company, based in Dublin that has produced highly innovative software for the telecommunications industry.   Its solutions are targeted Wi-Fi OEMs, Wi-Fi Providers and Smartphone/ Tablet manufacturers. Cellular Carriers are seeing an exponential growth in mobile data and are now looking more to Wi-Fi to increase capacity for demand.  Carriers and users are used to the high Quality of Service (QoS) delivered on Mobile Networks whereas Wi-Fi QoS is typically unknown or very poor when demand is high.  OptiWi-fi delivers a unique solution that answers the needs of Carriers, OEMs and users alike for better managed Carrier-Class Wi-Fi.  Our patented solutions deliver unique Wi-Fi diagnostics and self-optimizing solutions to Wi-Fi service providers and Wi-Fi OEMs. 

The company’s growth is being fuelled by the increasing demand for better quality Wi-Fi services.  Telefonica UK, a major customer, is now getting the benefits of our unique platform.  It's enabling them to manage their entire network of different OEM Wi-Fi equipment from a single integrated solution never possible before.  Rollout started in 2014 and continues across the entire network in 2015.

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OptiWi-fi’s platform integrates with all “Wi-Fi Certified” OEM equipment on your network enabling user Quality of Service management in real-time across your entire Wi-Fi network for the first time.

Customers & Selected Partners

We are dedicated to delivering unique optimization solutions for Wi-Fi networks, we work very closely with our customers & partners to deliver this.